Scientific Name: Euphorbia lactea 'cristata'

  • High fascination value
  • Waterwise plant that is forgiving when underwatered
  • 9cm nursery pot
  • Plant Level: Easy

The Mottled Spurge plant has been grafted from two Euphorbia species, to render this other worldly creation. It has all of the benefits of most succulent plants: waterwise and tolerant of brighter light conditions, including some direct sunlight.

This ornamental house plant is small, and thus great as a companion plant for an office desk, next to your computer. Or on a book shelf, where it will add an element of the exotic.

Place in a brightly lit space, or if this isn't available, then make sure to reduce the frequency of watering considerably.


Follow these instructions to keep your Mottled Spurge healthy and happy.

Water: Let top layer of soil dry out between watering. Water thoroughly to ensure all of the soil gets moist, when watering.
Light: Bright indirect light, with some direct sunlight possible. Be careful not to leave in searing sunlight as the plant may burn.
Humidity: No adjustments to humidity required. Standard room humidity is fine.
Fertilize: Fertilize with some dilute balanced fertilizer once a month.


R 160.00