Scientific Name: Peperomia angulata 
Synonyms: Beetle Peperomia, Peperomia quadrangularis 

  • Delightful looking foliage
  • Quick Growing
  • Great Table Top Plant
  • Plant Level: Medium

If you're looking for a fresh pop of green that will delight with interesting patterned foliage, then give the Beetle Peperomia a try.

A cousin of the wildly popular Watermelon Peperomia, this Peperomia version comes with oval leaves, adorned with yellow and green stripes on a orangey-red stem.

Its growing habit ensures that it looks great as a young and ageing plant: its stems will grow upwards, only to fall down as they get heavy, creating a striking full cascading effect.

Place in a brightly lit place and water once the top layer of soil dries out slightly. This plant is sensitive to overwatering, so be mindful of good drainage and checks before watering.

Parallel Peperomia will look great as a feature piece on a counter top, or in a hanger.


Follow these instructions to keep your Parallel Peperomia healthy and happy.

Water: Bright indirect light is best. Keep out of direct sun.
Light: During the summer months, let the top layer of soil dry out (about 1cm) before watering again. Reduce watering in winter.
Humidity: Average household humidity is suitable.
Fertilize: Fertilise your plant with diluted organic feed every two weeks in spring and summer. Stop feeding during winter. 


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