Philodendron - Pink Princess

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Scientific Name: Philodendron erubescense 'pink princess'
Synonyms: Pink Princess Philodendron

  • Pink mottled foliage
  • Easy care
  • Must have collectors item
  • Air Purifier

Pink is definitely all the rage when it comes to houseplants especially if it is in the foliage. There is something alluring about a beautifully deep green leaf that is mottled with pastel pink patterns, and this is what has made the Pink Princess Philodendron a true royalty among plant enthusiasts.

There is no doubt that this has been one of the most popular plants on the market, from being an Instagram celebrity to being sought after by thousands if not millions of plant collectors worldwide. 

The best part is , it does not make for a difficult plant to care for. Give your Pink Princess the brightest indirect light possible short of direct sunlight to keep the leaves producing pink variegation and provide it with relatively warm humid conditions to keep it looking its best.

This Philodendron is a little slower growing than most and will require some form of support as it journeys upwards, such as a moss pole, although they can be left to hang. Be warned however, that over time she can become rather large and with maturity will lose most of her pink colouring, this can be rectified by propagating pinker parts of the plant often.

Pair your Princess with a sleek planter to allow its foliage to be its focal point  and place either on it's own as a statement piece or cluster with other plants, to allow its pink to contrast.

Ultimately, sit back and revel in your Princesses beauty, while she works hard at purifying your air removing household toxins and leaving your home jungle fresh!

Please note : Philodendron are toxic to both pets and humans, besides your Pink Princess wont look good with a couple of bite marks.

Care Instructions

Follow these instructions to keep your Pink Princess philodendron happy and healthy.

Light: Bright filtered light.
Water: Allow the soil to dry out two-thirds between watering. Prevent prolonged dryness.
Humidity: Average to high room humidity is sufficient.
Fertilizer: Use a well balanced organic fertilizer once a month. during the active growing season of spring to summer.

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    Philodendron Pink Princess - 14cm

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