Scientific name: Peperomia rotundifolia
Synonyms: Jade Necklace, Trailing Jade, Creeping Buttons, and Round Leaf Peperomia

  • Hardy Trailing Plant
  • Grows fast and abundantly
  • Very Easy Care Characteristics
  • Adds a friendly soft touch 
  • Instant Topical Vibes

Comes in 12cm or 16cm Nursery Pot

Peperomia Rotundifolia is undoubtedly one of the most adorable on-trend trailing plants around, with its virtually round soft succulent leaves that creep and cascade wildly from its planter. Almost comparable to a necklace of small bright jade buttons.

These charming houseplants are highly sought after for their ease of care and their ability to provide a dash of colour to any interior, year-round. Native to the Rainforest of South America where they are found creeping through the forests high and low. As an epiphytic tropical plant, they flourish in filtered bright light and moist, warm conditions. 

The Round Leaf Peperomia will happily thrive in your home or office environment without too much fuss. Pair this cutie with a subtle planter on a tabletop or shelf and allow it to trail over the edge. For a more tropical jungle vibe display these unique little plants in a hanging planter and allow it to cascade wildly overhead.

These houseplants tend to have few issues as long as their care preferences are adhered to. Be sure to not overwater the Round Leaf Peperomia as they are highly susceptible to rot. It is best to allow these lush tropical beauties to dry slightly between waterings. Making them ideal for the not so attentive plant parent.

Please note: These cuties are non-toxic to pets and humans.


Follow these instructions to keep your Round leaf peperomia happy and healthy.

Light: Bright filtered light.
Water: Allow the soil to dry out two-thirds between watering.
Humidity: Medium to high humidity is ideal. 
Temperature: Ideal temperatures range from 18°C - 26°C.
Fertilizer: Use a well balanced organic fertilizer once a month.


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