• Tastefully paired foliage
  • Great as a single ornamental piece, e.g. in an Entrance Way
  • Looks great in a collection of frames
  • Great for gifts
  • Dimensions: A5 Rectangle

Want botanical beauty but don't want to water? Consider adding this collection of tastefully paired foliage to your house plant collection without the fuss of plant care.

Nature is a Master Artist and us just the neophytes of the modern era, still in awe of the beauty and intricacies of every leaf and bloom nature has to offer. VELT botanical frames are just a glimpse of this tapestry and an uncomplicated way of bringing this beauty into your home, with a tasteful arrangement of delicate foliages.

Simply choose the perfect spot and add a picture hook to hang your frame either alone as the central showpiece or with a series of  VELT botanical frames to enjoy and admire.

More about VELT Botanical Frames:

  • Handmade locally in Cape Town.
  • Preserved real-life plants sourced from local flowers, plant growers or private collections, gardens, and farms.
  • Framed between two pieces of high-quality exhibition glass.
  • Sealed with hand-soldered brass.
  • Attached with a strengthened brass chain for easy hanging.
  • Environmentally friendly products used during processing and packaging.

Please note: Each frame is individually handmade, and the foliage will vary slightly between each frame. That's what's great about them :) Whilst we have photographed the Frame against the window, we do not recommend installing them this way permanently as the excess sunlight may cause some colour fading of the botanicals.


R 735.00