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Katstert Fern Mossball

R 325.00 R 295.00

Description Scientific Name: Asparagus densiflorus - meyersii  This evergreen South African fern gets its name from its full and furry fronds which look like the tail of a cat (Katsterts).  Extremely versatile, this plant will be happy in full sun or in a shady area and can thus be installed in most environments - from a bathroom to an outside porch....


ZZ Plant

R 190.00 R 180.00

Description Scientific Name: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Hardy Plant, thrives on neglect Striking glossy foliage Will grow into a nice full plant in same pot Plant Level: Very Easy Our ZZ Plant comes in a 15cm, 18cm or 19cm Nursery Pot. Few indoor plants are as care-friendly as the ZZ Plant, which practically thrives on neglect (seriously, try this out!). Its verdant green...


Zebra Haworthia

R 60.00 R 48.00

Scientific Name: Haworthiopsis Attenuata Synonyms: Zebra Haworthia, Zebra Plant, Haworthia Fasciata Indigenous  Waterwise Internationally Trending Houseplant High Fascination value Plant Level: Easy Comes in a 10cm Nursery Pot. This is probably the most common of the Haworthia clan and very distinctive due to its white stripes that give this funky succulent its name. The Zebra Haworthia has deep green pointy leaves striped in white that...

Virtual Plant Consult

R 150.00

Description Wish you had a Plant Assistant on Call?Now you can! With Plantify’s Virtual Plant Consults. We can help you to:- identify the plants that you have in your home - give you care tips applied to the specific environment that your plants are in We can also make suggestions for:- how you can better style your existing plants- additional plants that would...

Umbrella Plant

R 155.00

Description Scientific Name: Schefflera 15cm nursery pot Medium - Bright indirect light Very easy-care Plant level: easy Available potted in a 17cm Terracotta Pot Our Umbrella Plant comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot.  Leaves that open out in the shape of an umbrella, this plant is a classic indoor companion. It is easy to care for and forgiving a little bit of underwatering and...

Star Window Haworthia

R 60.00

Scientific Name: Haworthia Retusa Synonyms: Window Succulent, Star Succulent  Adorable High fascination value Indigenous Waterwise Comes in a 10cm Nursery pot. This is probably one of the cutest of the Haworthia clan with its tiny translucent triangular bubble-like leaves. There is no doubt as to why this little Haworthia is extremely popular among succulent and houseplant collectors alike. The Star Window Haworthia is...

Staghorn Fern

R 135.00

Description Scientific name: Platycerium bifurcatumSynonyms: Staghorn Fern, Rainforest fern, Antelope ears, Vegan antlers! Eye-catching statement piece Humidity lover: great for bathrooms Can live for decades: heirloom for the next generation :) Versatile planting options: pot, hang or wall-mount Comes in various pot sizes Plant Level: Easy If you are looking for an unusual statement plant to add to your collection,...

Split Leaf Philodendron

R 235.00

Description Scientific Name: Philodendron Selloum Large, lush jungle-like leaves Bright, indirect light Ultra Fuss free Plant level: Easy Our Split Leaf Philodendron comes in a 19cm or 25cm Nursery Pot.  If you don't have one, get one. Trust us! So, Selloum's make great "filler plants" - unobtrusive backdrops of green - that support other house plants that typically want a bit more...

Speckled Cast Iron Plant

R 175.00

Scientific name: Aspidistra sichuanensis Synonym: Speckled Cast Iron Plant, Spotted Cast Iron Plant, Aspidistra 'Milky way' Magnificent be-speckled paddle-like foliage Known to be virtually indestructible Can tolerate lower lighting conditions Well known air purifier Easy Care Cast Iron plants have been popular throughout the ages, for its easy care and indestructible nature. The gorgeous deep green foliage plants are beautifully speckled...

Song of Jamaica

R 150.00

Description Scientific Name: Dracaena reflexa 'Song of Jamaica' Waterwise  Loves humidity  Likes medium to bright, indirect light Plant level: Easy Our Song of Jamaica Plants come in a 15cm or 25cm Nursery Pot. This striking plant develops rosettes of dark green leaves with lighter green inside stripes that surround upright stems. They're known to be extremely hardy and easy to care for - great beginner...

Rattlesnake Plant

R 175.00

Description Scientific Name: Calathea lancifolia 'insignis'  Unique patterned, evergreen foliage Agile Mover - flips its leaves up at night Plant Level: Easy Our Rattlesnake Calathea come in a 14cm Nursery Pot.  The Rattlesnake Plant has yellow-green, elongated foliage with dark green blotches on then, supposedly similar to the markings on some rattlesnakes. A beautiful purple hue adorns its underleaf, which is revealed when the plant...

Rattlesnake Calathea Mossball

R 340.00

Description Scientific Name: Calathea lancifolia 'insignis'  Striking patterned foliage High fascination value Plant Level: Easy Like most Calathea, the Rattlesnake is an ideal beginner plant, given its exceptionally care easy characteristics. Another plant with high fascination value, Rattlesnake Calathea has deep green mottled leaves and exposes their dark purple underside, when it flips them up towards night-time. Place in a medium to brightly...