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Dainty Crassula

R 60.00

Description Scientific Name: Crassula spathulata 12cm or 15cm Nursery Pot Trailing evergreen leaves Does well in medium to very bright light Waterwise & Indigenous Plant level: Easy Your Dainty Crassula comes in a 12cm or 15cm Nursery Pot.  An indigenous ground cover that is steadily becoming a house plant favorite, due to its incredible "ticks all the boxes" attributes. Spathulata refer's to Dainty's round-shaped, "spatula"-like leaves,...

Hoya Linearis

R 495.00

Description Scientific Name: Hoya linearis 12cm hanging nursery pot Available paired with a 17cm Azalea Terracotta Pot and Macrame Hanger Beautiful, trailing plant Likes very bright indirect light Plant level: easy Ok, do yourself a favour and google "Flowering Hoya Linearis". No need to say more, but couple of keywords should suffice: flowering curtain, immaculate composition, next level. Couple of...

Donkey's Tail - Magnum

R 150.00

Description Scientific Name: Sedum Morganianum Magnum Waterwise 20cm Hanging Nursery Basket Loves lots of very bright light or full sun, but not extreme heat Plant level: Easy Our Donkey's Tail - Magnum comes in a 20cm Hanging Basket. This gorgeous 'Magnum' variety of the popular Donkey's Tail succulent will delight with it's thick and full foliage that radiates from a central cluster. Unlike it's...


Lipstick Vine - Scooby Doo

R 650.00 R 550.00

Description Scientific name: Aeschynanthus scooby doo Standard Plant comes in 10cm hanging nursery pot High Fascination Value - unique curly foliage Beautiful crimson red flowers Trailing, cascading quality  Plant Level: Easy Scooooby dooooby dooooooo.... The sheer glory of this Lipstick variety will have you enthralled! Dense curly foliage adorns long trailing tendril-like stems, the ends of which are the scene worthy of awe:...

Birds Nest Fern Mossball

R 285.00

Description Scientific Name: Asplenium Nidus PLANT BACKGROUND Fresh Green look, all year round Great Bathroom Plant - likes humidity High fascination value Plant Level: Easy Beautifully shaped fronds fan outwards from a central 'rosetta', giving this ancient earth dweller the imaginative name of 'Birds Nest Fern'. Many glorious varieties exist, and are distributed across India, South-east Asia, Australia and east Africa. ...


Parlor Palm (Large)

R 645.00 R 550.00

Description Scientific Name: Areca Palm, also known as Bamboo Palm or Parlor Palm Great statement plant for home or office  Height around 105-110cm Best in bright, indirect light Comes in a 30cm plastic nursery pot Available in a 37cm Italian Terracotta pot set Care level: medium Our large Parlor Palms come in a 30cm plastic nursery pot. Featuring a delicately, full...

Birds Nest Fern - 12cm

R 75.00

Description Scientific Name: Asplenium antiquum  Our Birds Nest Ferns come in a 12cm Nursery Pot. The Birds Nest Fern gets its name from fact that their center (or rosetta) resembles a birds nest. These are one of the easiest house plants to keep, appreciating low to medium light conditions and generating new leaf growth throughout the year. Birds Nest Ferns love high humidity...

Lace Fern in Terracotta Pot

R 165.00

Description Scientific name: Asparagus plumosus The soft, yet hardy foliage of the Plumusos Fern gently spreads from slender stalks. Also called the "Climbing Asparagus Fern", this natural creeper sends out feelers, which eventually establish mini-canopies of green lace, at different levels. Really beautiful! The earthy tones of the textured Terracotta Pot sets off the gentle greens of the Lace Fern perfectly. This...

African Milk Tree

R 140.00

Description Scientific Name: Euphorbia trigona Waterwise  15cm diameter nursery pot Likes lots of bright light and some full sun. Easy-care Plant level: easy Our African Milk Trees come in a 15cm Nursery Pot.  A green sculptural masterpiece. These beauties look like collectors plants and add a striking addition to any setting. Care-easy, drought tolerant succulents, African Milk Trees enjoy bright light conditions. Place on a...

Hoya Davidcumingii

R 550.00

Description Scientific Name: Hoya davidcumingii Trailing, cascading succulent Spectacular clusters of violet-yellow flowers Plant level: Easy to Medium Your Hoya davidcumingii houseplant come in a 12cm Nursery Pot.  We've never encountered anyone that's "neutral" about Hoyas - people typically go crazy over this plant family, and will have some story about their Hoya Experiences. Hoya davidcumingii will add to your repertoire of Hoya...

ZZ Plant

R 165.00

Description Scientific Name: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Our ZZ Plant comes in a 12cm Nursery Pot. Few indoor plants are as care-friendly as the ZZ Plant, which practically thrives on neglect (seriously, try this out!). Its verdant green foliage has a natural glossy sheen throughout the year making this classic East African stunner an essential houseplant. Keep it potted and it will stay fairly...

Donkey Tail - Burro

R 150.00

Description Scientific Name: Sedum morganianum 'burro' Waterwise Loves lots of light and full sun Comes in a 20cm plastic hanging basket Available potted in a 21cm Azalea Terracotta Pot Plant level: Easy Our Donkey Tails come in a 20cm hanging basket. Subtle blue-green colouring and fat quirky leaves makes the Donkey Tail a delightful addition to your plant collection. As it is a...