Our standard collection of Nuno Mossballs. Hand-crafted using the traditional Japanese Kokedama technique, each Mossball is a true work of craft. 


Dainty Crassula Mossball

R 165.00

Description Scientific Name: Crassula spathulata This evergreen South African succulent creates a sculptural cascading volume of green. Growing on the coastal regions of the Western & Eastern Cape of South Africa, the Dainty Crassula is delicate yet hardy and will be happy in almost any light conditions - full sun to shade. The Dainty Crassula will especially delight when it produces...

Delicious Monster Mossball

R 350.00

Description Scientific Name: Monstera deliciosa  The irresistibly lush Delicious Monster adds a green accent to all interiors. A classic house plant for years, Monstera simply refuses to go out of fashion. This care-easy plant will be happy in most indoor environments, from humid bathroom to open living spaces - just avoid direct sunlight.  Hand-tied in the classic Japanese Kokedama technique by a skilled...

Bird's Nest Fern Mossball

R 240.00

Description Scientific Name: Asplenium Nidus Beautifully shaped fronds fan outwards from a central 'rosetta', giving this ancient earth dweller the imaginative name of 'Birds Nest Fern'. Many glorious varieties exist, and are distributed across India, South-east Asia, Australia and east Africa.  Asplenium is a dependable house plant which will create new unfurling fronds throughout the year, especially when given access to...


Ponytail Palm Mossball

R 370.00 R 340.00

Description Scientific Name: Beaucarnea recurvata  The incredibly care-easy Ponytail Palm brings its water storage super-power wherever it goes: it's bulbous trunk. This Mexican stunner sprouts countless thin leaves from it's center, giving it the appearance of a pony's tail.  The dramatic 'plumage' of Beaucarnea is best appreciated if it is placed in an unencumbered location, where all of its fronds can hang freely....

Weeping Fig Mossball

R 249.00

Description Scientific Name: Ficus benjamina The Weeping Fig tree with it's deep green loose foliage and long trailing stems is something of an anomaly when tied into a Mossball. But somehow it works! And has an unusual yet classical look. We really like it. Benjaminas are some of the easiest indoor plants - with an appetite for any light condition. Hand-tied in...

Spekboom Mossball

R 250.00

Description Scientific Name: Portulacaria afra Spekboom are small leafed succulents found throughout South Africa. Not only are they favoured for their unique shape, Spekboom are also edible! Some make soup from them, others add them to salads, and most recently, gin is being made with their tangy, green leaves. Perhaps best to leave Spekboom to its ornamental qualities, by introducing it...


Asparagus Fern Mossball

R 370.00 R 340.00

Description Scientific Name: Asparagus sprengeri Bright, green fronds shooting out in all directions creating a living 'afro' makes this combination of Plant and Mossball pretty cool! As an added bonus, this fluffy plant is native to South Africa and waterwise. The Asparagus Fern is a dependable house plant which keeps creating new fronds throughout the year. It is easy-care and easy on the eyes. Hand-tied...